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We have assembled few tips and tricks for your smoother and hustle free travel. These pre-flight strategies will enhance your flying experience.

At Home

Lay a patch

Getting through security might take some time if you haven't signed up for TSA PreCheck. We would suggest leaving home with ample of time in hand for hustle free boarding.

Get insured

Getting your travel insured might not always be beneficial. But when your flight is delayed and you miss the connecting flight or your worst nightmare of lost luggage happens, travel insurance will be your knight in the shining armor. Plus it only takes a couple of bucks to be insured and buy peace of mind.

Stay abreast

Your airlines will send you alerts about status of your flight but isn't it better to stay up-to-the-minute by signing up for online flight-tracking services.? Manage your travel on mobile!

Carry-on has to be a carry-on

There is a size limitation on carry-ons which might differ for different airlines. Befriend the baggage policy of your operating carrier and avoid delaying or paying extra charges.

Keep your toiletries limited

Airlines allow 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or smaller size containers that can easily fit into one quarter-size resealable bag can go in carry-ons and through checkpoint security.

At The Airport

Be your own pilot

You can download an application that can navigate you around airports. They are very handy for those who have a long stopover and have time to explore the airport.

Become a member of the club

For long stopovers or extended delays, it is good to get a day pass to a lounge. You can rest there while waiting for your flight. The pass isn’t very expensive and often Wi-Fi and the food is included in it. You can also join an independent club too.

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