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Special Assistance

Information for passengers with disability

Passengers with a disability of some sort or with mobility reduced due to some interim injury or due to age factor, then many airlines may provide a variety of free services to assist them at the airport and when they are on board. We have congregated information for travelers who require special assistance to assist them with all your queries. We encourage them to befriend the airline policy of the operating airline with respect to the passengers with disabilities.

Special assistance is also provided to passengers who are hearing impaired, visual impaired, expectant mothers or for the passengers who need extra seating because of their size.

How to place a request for special assistance?

You should contact your preferred airline's official website and involved airports. For certainty that these services are catered to you, book your flight at most 48 hours prior to your departure and make a request for the services needed from your operating carrier.

If you have any query or doubts regarding special assistance you can request our travel consultant to guide you while making our booking. We have a team of dedicated travel consultants who will assist you with your special assistance related queries and can guide you through the airlines official websites. You will have to mention your special requirements while booking your flight so that proper guidance and arrangements can be rendered.

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